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Educator's Corner

Opportunities and Guidelines for Educational Activities at Cowiche Canyon and Snow Mountain Ranch

Cowiche Canyon Conservancy encourages the use of Conservancy property for educational field trips, science projects, community service, and customized curriculum. 

Want to bring your classroom outdoors? We have developed a hands-on outdoor learning program called:


This is an interactive program with six different "learning stations" available to choose from. Pick "a la carte" from our menu of choices, and enjoy the excitement of outdoor learning with your students!

Parents and Teachers: Want to go out to Cowiche Canyon with your kids and do some fun self-guided learning? Download our Cowiche Canyon Scavenger Hunt, Fun Facts and Cowiche Quiz sheets, and explore on your own! Or are you planning a family trip to Snow Mountain Ranch? download our Snow Mountain Ranch Scavenger Hunt, and enjoy!

In order to optimize your visit, get information on fee schedule for "TRAIL TALKS", and avoid any conflicting activities, the Conservancy asks that you coordinate your visit through the CCC office, 509-248-5065.

Scheduling your visit is important because at times the property may be unavailable due to trail maintenance or other scheduled field trips  You will be visiting a natural area and conditions such as flooding, impassable trails or other unsafe conditions may exist.
Please consider the following conditions in planning your visit:

  • Limited parking is available.  (Accommodations can be made for parking specialized vehicles, buses and vans.)
  • Currently there are no permanent bathroom facilities, but there is a portable toilet available.
  • There is no drinking water.  It is very important to bring adequate water for your planned activity.
  • There are no tables, chairs or covered shelters on site.
  • Visitors need to dress appropriately for the weather and wear shoes suitable for walking on uneven ground. 
  • Children should be supervised at all times since the areas include steep rocky trails, cliffs, creeks, unfenced bridges, and irrigation ditches.
  • School groups are responsible for providing an adequate number of chaperones in compliance with their school district policy, as well as insurance coverage during the time of their visit to the site.
  • You are visiting the natural habitat of a variety of plants, insects, animals, birds, reptiles and amphibians, some of which bite and sting!  Rattlesnake sightings are common in Cowiche Canyon in spring, summer and fall.  Poison oak can be encountered in Cowiche Canyon.  Be aware of ticks in spring and yellow jackets in the fall at Snow Mountain Ranch. NO SPECIMEN COLLECTING PLEASE!


Photograph by David Hagen

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